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Lori Yeomans Promotion

Posted on November 2022

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Congratulations to Lori Yeomans on her promotion to Compliance Manager.

We spoke to Lori about her career with us.


What drew you into a career at Venn Group?

I was fresh out of college, looking for a new career path and a friend who was working at Venn Group on the sales side got me an interview.


With a career spanning nearly a decade, what are your highlights?

Becoming Manager is the biggest highlight for me, seeing how the Compliance team has changed over the years. It really shows how far I have come since starting.


Why is compliance such an important part of the recruitment process, and what makes Venn Group’s compliance stand out?

Compliance is important as it lowers any risk of anything going wrong. It ensures we as a company are covered in any kind of situation. Venn Group are one of the best agencies for compliance which gives us a lot more opportunities for new business.


What are some important characteristics for someone working in compliance?

Good attention to detail and problem solving are key. It also helps to be organised!


What do you enjoy most about the role?

Working as part of a team. It’s great to have such a nice bunch of people to work with.


What do you enjoy spending time doing outside of work?

Mostly just seeing friends and family.


What has been your proudest achievement?

How far I’ve come within Venn Group. Starting here at 18, I have achieved a lot.


How do you measure your success?

My team, seeing them all progress and develop.


What goals do you have for this next step as Compliance Manager?

Building my team up so they are all fully trained then focusing on streamlining any processes.


We also heard from Lori’s management team who have supported her throughout her career:


‘I’m incredibly pleased to see Lori being promoted to Compliance Manager. It is an honour to work with a talented and determined colleague who leads by example and has an impeccable work ethic; a person who seeks perfection in all the work she does and inspires her colleagues to excel in their roles. I am very proud of her for pursuing and achieving this promotion and wishing her all very best in her next steps towards successful career.’

Irma Dzikaite, Head of Compliance