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Pippa Davis Promotion

Posted on November 2022

Woman recruiter promotion image
Congratulations to Pippa Davis on her promotion to Principal Consultant in our Midlands Private Legal team.

We heard from Pippa about her successful career with us.


What first drew you into recruitment at Venn Group?

Like a lot of people, it was purely by chance. But ever since my first interview I knew I wanted to work here. Venn Group dispelled all my pre-conceived notions of what recruitment was, and I was excited to join a team where I could learn from my colleagues and be supported through my journey.

I had so much fun on my trial working day, it gave me a really good idea of what to expect and the people I would work with. I was eager to get stuck in and learn all I could.


What has been your proudest achievement?

Probably being the first Principal Consultant in the Private Legal sector at Venn Group, which I never imagined I would achieve. I moved to Private Legal from C&I Finance at the end of 2019, as I really wanted to continue working with my manager, Luke Grant, who had recently made the move, and I needed a new challenge in a new market.

It was very difficult learning a new market, a new candidate pool and a very different style, but nearly 3 years later, hitting Senior Executive Consultant and Principal Consultant this year proves it was the best decision for me. I have also made some fantastic friendships along the way and developed as a consultant more than I thought I was capable of.


What do you enjoy the most about working with the ­­­­­­Private Legal market?

So many things! From the business side, I love working with clients who trust me with their recruitment exclusively, and the candidates who I have gotten to know over the years. Sometimes I even get Beagle themed mugs/water bottles (I am very passionate about my dogs) from candidates, which is really sweet!

The best thing without a doubt is the team. The support I receive from Faye and Luke is second to none, and their faith in me has been paramount. My colleagues make every day fun and rewarding, and I enjoy seeing their success as they develop into fantastic consultants. The job can be very stressful so working with people who make you laugh is really important.


What key lessons have you learned from those who have managed you?

The list is very long, my key takeaways are that you can’t beat a good Excel spreadsheet - thanks Luke! Having a plan, structure and memorizing basics are essential, and makes everything else a lot easier in the future.

One of the best bits of advice I have ever received is ‘comparison is the thief of joy’; it’s very easy to compare your journey to others and get disheartened, but nothing beats hard work and perseverance. Going the extra mile and taking a genuine interest in people will set you apart from your competition, and also makes the job so much more enjoyable.


What has been the biggest change you’ve noticed in your approach since you began?

I’m more confident in being myself with clients, rather than trying to sound overly professional. I’m more focused now than I used to be, which probably comes with getting older!


What characteristics make a good recruiter into a great recruiter?

Authenticity is key to success. Having that and enthusiasm are the two things you need to develop in recruitment, everything else can be taught. Patience is also essential; you won’t become a great recruiter overnight, trust the process.


What would be your ideal Saturday?

Having a nice brunch at Tarro Lounge with my boyfriend, James, and walking my beagles, Poppy and Buster. I’m also known for my afternoon naps.


How do you make sure you continue to learn?

There are constantly new challenges, and I am now finally confident to try new ideas, get it wrong, and try different approaches. I am constantly learning from my Managers, Faye and Luke, and incorporating their advice and approach into my own style.


We also heard from Pippa’s management team who have supported her over her career:


‘It’s fantastic to see Pippa achieve her promotion to Principal Consultant. Pippa has worked for Venn Group for 5 years and during this time she has become an expert in her field working on the Private Sector Legal Division. She works extremely hard and genuinely cares about all her candidates and clients and will always go the extra mile to help them. Thank you for all your hard work, Pippa, and congratulations to you on this brilliant achievement.’

Emma Walker, Director


‘Fantastic work on your promotion to Principal Consultant, Pippa. You have been incredible in helping drive our growth and presence across the locum legal market and the success of the team. Your dedication and passion to your clients and candidates is second to none, and your determination and hard work have been outstanding.’

Luke Grant, Senior Manager