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Venn Group is an age-friendly pledge employer

Posted on November 2022

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Venn Group signs up to the Centre for Ageing Better’s Age-friendly Employer Pledge

We are delighted to have signed up to the Age-friendly Employer Pledge, a new nationwide programme run by the Centre for Ageing Better to make workplaces age-friendly.

We are among the first businesses and organisations in the country to sign the pledge to show our commitment to older workers. We will be working with the Centre for Ageing Better to improve our recruitment, retention and development of workers aged 50 and over. Being a part of the pledge means we draw on a wider pool of applicants for each job. Older workers can continue to thrive and contribute in our organisation, and having a multigenerational workforce helps us to boost innovation and productivity.

The Centre for Ageing Better will support us as part of a network of Age-friendly Pledge Employers by providing a framework of suggested actions and offering opportunities to learn effective, age-friendly practices.

We will also report back to Ageing Better on an annual basis, detailing how our age-friendly actions are progressing.

Tarandeep Ruprai our Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement Associate said:

“I’m delighted that Venn Group are one of the first companies to sign up to the Age Friendly Employer pledge. Taking action, improving and driving diverse and inclusive recruitment and retention is central to our belief in employment for all.”

​Dr Carole Easton, Chief Executive at the Centre for Ageing Better, said:

The current labour shortage has been called the most urgent problem facing the UK economy with its impact driving up prices, wages and inflation. Workers in their 50s and 60s are a key, but currently overlooked, solution to resolving the UK’s employment crisis.

Older workers can bring much-needed skills and experience to an organisation. Businesses with a 10% higher share of workers over 50 than the average are 1.1% more productive – and multigenerational teams are the most innovative.

We are delighted that Venn Group has joined the growing number of organisations committing to helping their older workers to prosper by signing our Age-friendly Employer Pledge.

The pledge has been designed to support businesses to go on a journey at a pace that works best for each organisation. By taking manageable and measurable steps, each employer will learn over time what steps are needed to make the biggest difference in their own organisation.”

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