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Daniel Tyler Promotion

Posted on January 2023

Male recruiter promoted to manager
Congratulations to Daniel Tyler on his promotion to Manager of the North East Tech team.

We spoke to Daniel about his career and motivations


What moments have stood out to you as highlights in your career with Venn Group?

I am extremely proud of becoming a Principal Consultant and being the first one at Venn Group to do so after the introduction of Pathways & Milestones. Other highlights have been assisting with some really successful, large-scale IT projects across the NHS. It has been a great experience to take on a higher level of responsibility and the projects have been a core part of helping me to hit the Principal Consultant milestone.


What lessons have you valued from your management team?

Johnny has been instrumental in supporting my career here and I’ve taken a lot from him. In particular, he’s instilled the importance of making sure I am always increasing my knowledge and that I understand the details of any given role or project by always asking questions.


What do you most enjoy doing when you’re not recruiting?

I’m not sure about enjoying… but I have spent most of the last year renovating a house, which has meant ripping everything out, new plumbing, electricity, and living without a kitchen for 12 months, so that has taken most of my time. Other than that, playing golf, walking the dog or going out for drinks with friends.


In one year’s time, what would indicate that you’re succeeding in your role?

Most importantly it would be that everyone in the team continues to develop their careers and progress through the Pathways & Milestones, alongside reaching their individual targets. For my part it means making sure that the people I’m working with are given the opportunity to grow and learn from others, just as I have done. We would also be looking to increase our market share as well as continuing to develop in new markets, building on the success we’ve had recruiting for technology in the NHS.


We also heard from Daniel’s management team who have supported him throughout his career:


‘I have worked with Dan for over 9 years and all of that time has seen him hone his skills recruiting IT staff into the public sector. He is a true professional and what he doesn’t know about recruiting staff into NHS technology teams is not worth knowing. His passion and dedication are unparalleled and he always takes time to help and develop those around him. Well done Dan on your richly deserved promotion. I am confident 2023 will be another successful year.’

Johnny Shaw, Senior Manager