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Jake Simms Promotion

Posted on January 2023

Male recruiter promoted to manager
Congratulations to Jake Simms on his promotion to Manager of our Local Government - North team.

We spoke to Jake about his career and motivations


What moments have stood out to you as highlights in your Venn Group career?

The main highlight was being given the responsibility to set up the Local Government team and the successes we’ve seen since then, from our first placement to attaining billing milestones. A big moment for me was when each of us on the team reached our next milestone and promotion in the space of a few weeks; it confirmed that we were all progressing together and moving in the same direction. The exciting thing is that even after what we’ve achieved this year, there’s a huge opportunity to grow even further.


What lessons have you valued from your management team?

What my managers have all shared is how driven they are, their knowledge of their markets, and how they create an enjoyable environment to work in whilst focusing on hard work and an ambition to take their teams even further. The key lesson I’ve learnt is about the importance of ensuring everyone is pulling in the same direction in order to form a successful team.


What do you most enjoy doing when you’re not recruiting?

I love travelling, particularly to places I’ve never been before; I’m trying to tick off as many new countries as I can. This year I went to see Wales play at the World Cup in Qatar and enjoyed a short city break in Lisbon too.

I’m also into football and used to play for a team in Wales, but I’ve packed that in for the time being because of the travel, and I’m still playing for our Venn Group five-a-side, the Venngaboys, every Wednesday night.


In one year’s time, what will indicate you’re succeeding in your role?

We’re still a relatively new team, so the plan is to keep building. That means internally developing our team, but also increasing the number of clients we’re supporting across the north-west and north-east and building on our reputation in the market. So for the year ahead, I’m looking for the team and I to keep hitting and exceeding our targets and milestones and increase our overall market share; it’s going to be a big year.


We also heard from Jake’s management team who have supported him throughout his career:


‘Jake’s effort and drive have been exemplary in him reaching this amazing achievement. Jake is embarking on an exciting journey for an ever-expanding team at Venn Group, which will grow from strength to strength with his continued hard work. Jake always leads by example, which is shown in his training and expectations of his team members. Well done Jake, I’m very proud of you and looking forward to seeing you and the team develop.’

Sophie Anderson, Senior Manager