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Lucy Hertzberg Promotion

Posted on January 2023

Female recruiter promoted to manager
Congratulations to Lucy Hertzberg on her promotion to Manager of our London HR Recruitment team.

We spoke to Lucy about her career and motivations


What moments have stood out to you as highlights in your Venn Group career?

I was proud to have reached the milestone which led to my Senior Executive Consultant promotion; I had been at the previous milestone for a while, so achieving this promotion was amazing!

My promotion to manager has been another highlight, and I can attribute that to time management and prioritization. Previously, I’d make myself very busy working through long lists, but I wasn’t progressing as I wanted. Working on my time management and the order I would approach tasks has helped me to both reach my own targets and support my team.


What lessons have you valued from your management team?

My manager, Joe, always makes time for everyone in his team, whether that’s celebrating our achievements through emails and promotion meals, or helping us if a problem or question comes up. Even though he manages multiple teams, everyone feels important and supported, and that’s an approach I want to take forward with my own team. He’s also taught me the importance or prioritising what’s important and delegation, which is key to our team-basis; even if one person is the main contact for a client or candidate, everyone benefits from their success and can help where needed to deliver the best service.


What do you most enjoy doing when you’re not recruiting?

I really enjoy meeting up with friends, whether that’s going out for dinner or drinks. I’m from the countryside originally, so now I’m living in London I like to get out of the city and go for walks in Richmond nearby. I also enjoy swimming, as it’s a great way to unwind after work and it gets you off your phone! I was meant to do the Great North Swim – wild swimming in Lake Windemere – last year, but it was cancelled at the last minute due to wind, so I’m hoping I get a chance at it again this year.


In one year’s time, what will indicate you’re succeeding in your role?

Part of it will be maintaining our market share in the NHS and developing our client and candidate relationships there. We’re planning to grow the team over this next year, so that will involve bringing on new people and seeing the consultants I’m managing reach their next milestones. It’s also important that anyone in my team can come to me with any questions or problems as they arise, as it’s my priority to make sure everyone is happy and thriving in their roles.


We also heard from Lucy’s management team who have supported her throughout her career:


Congratulations Lucy on your well-deserved promotion to Manager. Your dedication and passion for the market is well respected by your peers and consistently recognised by positive reviews from both candidates and clients. You are a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to seeing you continue to achieve both individually and overseeing the ongoing success of the HR team.’

Joe Olenka, Manager


‘Congratulations to Lucy on her hugely deserved promotion to Manager. Lucy is a pleasure to work with each day and her promotion is a testament to what can be achieved through hard work, talent and dedication. I’m incredibly proud of what Lucy has achieved in a relatively short space of time and look forward to sharing in her continued success.’

Simon Hardy, Associate Director