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Peter Madge Promotion

Posted on January 2023

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Congratulations to Peter Madge on his promotion to Manager of the Midlands Construction and Engineering team.

We spoke to Peter about his career and motivations.


What moments have stood out to you as highlights in your Venn Group career?

I was proud to have reached two promotions in the space of several weeks at the end of last year. I didn’t plan to be a manager when I first joined Venn Group – I was hoping to progress as much as I could as a consultant – but I’m always looking to possible next steps, and Fabian, John and Stan were my direct management and made the position look easy, while the training from Jocy has been fantastic.

Another highlight is that we’ve been working with one of the largest UK Construction & Engineering companies for the last four years, and they’re now moving to use us exclusively for their recruitment. It’s really rewarding to see the results of the hard work our team has put in, and it’s a great start to 2023.


What lessons have you valued from your management team?

I would often listen to my managers’ calls to candidates and clients and noticed how they tailor their approach to individual personalities, which is also helpful to do within a team; they’re very direct in speaking to me which is the way I like it. I was also struck by their work ethic and knowledge of the market, as they could confidently deal with situations that I was unsure of. These values are things that I want to take forward with my team so that I can lead by example and demonstrate what’s possible.


What do you most enjoy doing when you’re not recruiting?

I have an eleven year old and a seven month old, so as you can probably imagine, my time outside of work involves sleepless nights, and a lot of football, Xbox and family time. It sounds very boring and scheduled, but it’s perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


In one year’s time, what will indicate you’re succeeding in your role?

We currently have a lot of great experience on the team, and we’re planning to divide in two so that we are able to further specialise in different areas within the Construction and Engineering market. That will involve bringing on and training up new members of the team as well as continuing to develop the current members. We’re only able to expand in this way because of what those in the team before me had built up, and we’re now in a great position going forward.


We also heard from Peter’s management team who have supported him throughout his career.


‘Pete has been a huge part of the success and development of our Midlands Construction team since he joined Venn Group just under four years ago. Pete has always shown tremendous hard work and dedication to his role, which has acted as inspiration to those who work around him. He’s also played a key part in the development and training of the Consultants who work alongside him, whilst forming his own leadership style. Congratulations Pete on this hugely well-deserved promotion, I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together in 2023.’

Fabian Liladhar, Senior Manager