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Case Study | University of Cambridge

Posted on May 2023

Arched bridge at cambridge univeristy

Rapid, accurate and effective recruitment

University of Cambridge required a contract solution to a Business Analyst vacancy within their busy Change Management Office. The urgent nature of this role necessitated a recruitment response that was rapid, accurate and effective.

Priorities supported:

  • Secure a strong, technical Business Analyst who was a match in skills and team fit

  • Expedite the recruitment process of this urgent requirement

  • Partner with a consultancy who could work rapidly and deliver a solution on budget whilst maintaining the reputation of the organisation

Experience applied:

  • Capitalising on our longstanding partnership with the University, we were able to rapidly understand and build a campaign for this position

  • Utilising our team structure, we conducted a full market appraisal through job boards, various online advertising platforms including our own website, and a LinkedIn recruiter search

  • Delivered a shortlist of three candidates within 24 hours of receiving the requisition

Outcomes delivered:

  • Exceeded all the other agencies in the quality of our candidates; the client opted to solely interview two of our shortlisted candidates

  • Supplied two appointable Business Analysts, with the final selection relying on character fit

  • Managed the full on-boarding process with the successful candidate who commenced the contract three weeks after the role was placed with us

"Considering all the added complications and holds ups at our side, Venn Group were really patient and helpful and supported us. Many thanks again for all of your help as always"

Human Resources

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