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National Volunteers' Week

Posted on June 2023

Various recruiters volunteering at charities.

​We encourage our employees to use two volunteering days each year to support a cause they’re passionate about, alongside volunteering with the CV feedback service to provide valuable employability advice.

In celebration of National Volunteers' Week, we heard about some of the experiences of those who have taken these opportunities to work with a variety of charitable organisations.


‘Volunteering at Wythall Animal Sanctuary was a good way to be out of the office whilst partaking in something worthwhile for an excellent cause. I also enjoyed the fact that we all worked as a team with different colleagues we don’t usually work with on a day-to-day basis to achieve a tangible goal. As someone who adopted two dogs and two rabbits not so long ago from a similar charity, it was amazing to talk to the staff about the issues they come across and to see the kind-natured attitude of everyone working there.’

Tom Wilkinson, Manager


‘It was great to be able to use my volunteering day to help Snowfields Primary School fix up their park for the children by making new soil beds and clearing out the weeds. Making it a place where they can play and enjoy the space was an amazing feeling and seeing what can be done in a few hours with a handful of people to really make a difference is very rewarding.’

Segun Akanbi, Associate Consultant


‘I have been volunteering for the CV Feedback Service at the Young Women’s Trust since 2017 and it has been an absolute pleasure to support this fantastic cause. Many women do not have easy access to any advice on their CV which makes their job search more challenging, so being able to use my skills as a recruiter to give feedback on their CVs and ultimately help move their applications in the right direction is very important to me. I enjoy volunteering because if I can improve the confidence of some of these women who are applying for jobs in a competitive market then it is time incredibly well-spent.’

Jade Gorrod, Manager


‘The volunteering days are a fantastic way to get out of the office into a different environment to support a cause you are invested in during work hours. I have used my volunteering days previously and have felt fulfilled after completing a day’s work with Midland Langar Seva Society as well as other charities more recently. It is a great way to meet with your colleagues from different areas of the business whilst giving back to the community at the same time.’

Taran Ruprai, Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion Associate

If you have any volunteering opportunities where our employees could help, please get in touch with