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Case study | Oaklands College

Posted on June 2023

Oaklands College campus building

Supplying payroll talent with specialist FE expertise


Oaklands College required a permanent Payroll Manager for their planned recruitment; having run their own campaign with no success, the Financial Director advised the recruiting manager to approach a specialist agency for this niche role.
Priorities supported:

Retain a specialist supplier who understood the demand of FE organisations and payroll

Recruit a payroll professional with specific expertise and systems knowledge

Ensure ample handover with incumbent candidate


Experience applied:

Reviewed the specification to draw out key requirements and competencies

Shortlisted our candidates by assessing overall suitably and focusing on their knowledge of the teacher pensions scheme and iTrent payroll system

Responded to the requisition with 3 cv’s within 72 hours


Outcomes delivered:

A qualified and committed payroll manager was hired with all the competencies required

Facilitated acceptable terms of salary and work model, with the successful candidate being in place 2 weeks from our receipt of the position

Our market reputation and professional network enabled us to source payroll specialists not reached by the colleges or other agencies campaigns


My consultant was extremely helpful and supplied us with a very good candidate. He had great knowledge of what we were looking for and a strong representation of the market”

Resourcing and Recruitment Manager​

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