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Joe Williams Promotion

Posted on June 2023

Male recruiter being promoted.
​Congratulations to Joe Williams on his very well-deserved promotion to Principal Consultant. We heard from Joe about his successful career with us.


What first drew you to recruitment at Venn Group?

I’d interviewed at a couple of recruitment agencies before I joined Venn Group and the main difference was the team element Venn Group offered in comparison. It was a major selling point to me as I’d never worked in the industry previously and the idea of working collaboratively with consultants who were already specialists in the sector was appealing.


What has been your proudest achievement?

Making Executive Consultant during lockdown has to be one of my proudest achievements. The fact that as a team of two we achieved our highest billing to that point is something I’ll always look back on proudly.


What do you enjoy the most about working within the Construction and Engineering market?

The fast-paced nature of the industry; things can change quickly and we face different challenges every day which keeps things interesting.


What key lessons have you learned from those who have managed you?

I’ve been fortunate to have Cathy manage me since I started at Venn Group. She has taught me a lot over the years but a couple of the main takeaways have been to trust the processes we have in place, trust in my own ability and don’t be too down if things don’t go your way. I have also learnt a lot from Stan including the ability to handle difficult situations and remain calm under pressure.


What has been the biggest change in your approach since you began recruitment?

I’d like to think my patience has improved over the years, but one of the main areas of development has been my time management. It’s something I struggled with at the start of my career as I’d never previously worked in an office environment.


What characteristics make a great recruiter?

Resilience, patience and drive to succeed are so important in what we do, but I also think honesty often gets overlooked.


What would be your ideal Saturday?

Playing a game of rugby in the afternoon, followed by a couple of drinks in the clubhouse.


How do you make sure you continue to learn?

We face new challenges and situations every day in this job, I try to reflect on these interactions and what I would have done differently to get a more positive outcome. I also try to listen to, speak with and learn from other consultants in the office.


We also heard from Joe’s management team who have supported him throughout his career:


“I am delighted for Joe on his promotion to Principle Consultant, this is very much deserved and testament to his drive and continuous hard work. Having achieved his second promotion in nine months, Joe demonstrations daily to his team members and to the rest of the Manchester unit his passion for his market and his constant development in this. Joe is a pleasure to work with and I am so proud of what he has accomplished in his career so far. I look forward to more celebrations in the future.”

Cathy Murray, Senior Manager


“I am absolutely delighted that Joe has achieved Principal Consultant in our Engineering Division. Joe’s desire to deliver an exceptional service to his clients and contractors alike has contributed immeasurably to his resounding success since joining us just four years ago. Furthermore, Joe’s passion and enthusiasm for his market has proven to be an inspiration to all around him, contributing in no small part to the growth of Engineering in the North of the country. Joe is a hugely valued and respected member of the Engineering Division in the company and I am immensely proud of what he has achieved in his career thus far with us. I look forward to watching Joe continuing develop over the coming years and his continued success – well done Joe.”

Stan Murray-Hession, Executive Director