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75 Years of Our NHS

Posted on July 2023

Quote celebrating the 75th birthday of the NHS

As today marks 75 years of the NHS, we would like to extend our enormous gratitude to all of its staff for their incredible service and dedication, delivering vital healthcare services to their local communities and our nation as a whole.

It’s our privilege to have supported the NHS over the past 20 of its 75 years. We heard from several of our candidates about the work that they do and why they’re proud to be a part of the NHS:


“Being part of a team that makes a real difference makes me proud to be working for the NHS. There’s a real sense of camaraderie, with a focus on providing a professional service to patients and colleagues, whilst embracing our values of excellence, equity, and kindness in our everyday interactions. My innovative ideas are fully embraced and there are so many opportunities for personal development. I look forward to each working day.”

L&D Senior Trainer/Developer


“The NHS is the mainstay of health in this country. I have worked with the NHS for 20 years and admire the staff for the dedication and care provided for millions of patients across the UK. The quality and innovation created has maintained the NHS at the cutting edge of healthcare and I wish it well for the next 75 years.”

Senior Programme Manager


“There is a real privilege in supporting leaders and their teams in managing the ever-changing complexity of the health service as the biggest employer in the UK. One of my more unusual challenges was Prevent – introducing the theme of counter-terrorism to the health service across England, Wales and Scotland, that is now an inbuilt and everyday part of how we care for our workforce and patients through a clear umbrella of safety. People said it wouldn’t be possible, but the service adapted and changed, as it always does with the shifting climate.”

Director of People


“I love how unique the NHS is, commissioning services based on local need, influenced by lived experience and coproduction. There is fantastic energy and camaraderie working together to help others, as everyone counts. I love working with my front-line colleagues who hold a strong sense of compassion, a unified commitment to quality of care, and provide everyone with respect and dignity. I’m proud to have improved lives redesigning Mental Health services under a range of different roles and titles.”

Mental Health Project Manager


“I am indeed proud to be part of the National Health Service, an organisation that embodies the spirit of unity, compassion, and service. Working for the NHS has allowed me to contribute to a system that, at its core, values human life and dignity above all else. The tireless dedication, resilience, and teamwork that I witness every day remind me of the NHS's indispensable role in our society.

In my role as an employee relations lead, I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand how every staff member's contribution shapes our collective success. Through fostering positive relationships and open communication, I am proud to support the teams that deliver exceptional work within the Trust. Happy 75th birthday, NHS! Here's to many more years of serving and caring.”

Employee Relations Lead


“I have been placed with the NHS on three separate occasions by Venn Group. From a private-working background, it was truly a cathartic experience to see the customer as a patient. My roles have given me the opportunity to see the customer not as a commodity but an individual who the team and I can truly add value to, particularly in times of challenging personal or family situations.”

Operations Manager


“I take immense pride in being part of the NHS because I have personally witnessed the exceptional level of care it has provided to my family. The unwavering dedication and expertise demonstrated by healthcare professionals, coupled with the NHS's profound commitment to delivering accessible and high-quality healthcare for all, inspire me to contribute to its invaluable mission of improving and safeguarding public health.”

Medical HR Specialist