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Case Study | Interim Recruitment | NHS Integrated Care Board

Posted on September 2023

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Candidate relationships that set us apart
A business-critical Operations Manager was required by an NHS Integrated Care Board; with a substantive member of the staff leaving, sourcing the right expertise coupled with the right approach was essential.

Priorities supported:

  • A candidate with the correct skills, know-how and approach to embed quickly without disrupting the department

  • Work with an established consultancy who had experience of recruiting in this field and could therefore provide insight across the available talent pool

  • Exclusively partner with a recruiter who understood the ethos and culture of the organisation

Experience applied:

  • Our partnership of over five years with this client allowed them to entrust us with the exclusive responsibility of this recruitment’s success

  • Understanding the importance of this role, we chose to only approach candidates who had worked with us before

  • To demonstrate aptitude for the role, we asked the shortlisted candidate to prepare a presentation explaining and illustrating their approach

Outcomes achieved:

  • Combining our client and talent pool knowledge, we were able to accurately pinpoint candidates with the right balance of skills and approach

  • By continually maintaining our candidate relationships, our approaches were welcomed and enabled us to engage with an off-market candidate

  • Submission of one candidate who was able to demonstrate his suitability and came with our recommendation, enabling the client to hire with confidence


“I had the pleasure of working with Venn Group in 2018 when I undertook a successful 7-month contract within the NHS. This role was truly fantastic and gave me such opportunity to add value. Moving on I retired in December but have remained in contact with my consultant as I have so much respect for how she conducts herself, and whilst I am really enjoying my retirement the only thing that would make me reconsider another temp role would be back in the NHS and to be working alongside Venn Group. That opportunity has arisen and on Monday, I will be starting with the NHS ICB.  Your consultant Beth is an ambassador for Venn group. Polite, respectful, responsive and delivers what she says she will; to see relationship excellence being delivered in this manner is really great.

Interim Operations Manager

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