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Connie Ross Promotion

Posted on October 2023

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​Congratulations to Connie Ross on her very well-deserved promotion to Principal Consultant. We heard from Connie about her successful career with us.



What first drew you into recruitment at Venn Group?

When looking to begin my career in recruitment, Venn Group really stood out to me because of the focus towards working collectively as a team. In previous jobs and during University, I always worked best and thrived in team-based environments which made Venn Group the ideal fit for me.


What has been your proudest achievement?

This year, I was lucky enough to be able to buy my first home with my partner, Josh. I wouldn’t have been in this position if it weren’t for Venn Group and the opportunities for progression that they offer through Pathways and Milestones.


What do you enjoy the most about working with the Local Government Legal sector?

Before joining Venn Group, I had no Legal knowledge, so joining this sector was a learning curve for me. Over the last 4 years, I have been able to learn so much about Law and the Local Government sector and have become passionate about our market. The area of Law I have become most passionate about within Local Government is Child Protection as the work our Solicitors and Paralegals do within this area is invaluable.


What key lessons have you learned from those who have managed you?

From day one, I’ve been managed by Philippa Stoate and Emma Walker who are experts in their field. They have taught me so many valuable skills such as resilience, attention to detail, thinking outside the box and the importance of being proactive as well as reactive. Our role as recruiters isn’t always easy and we are often faced with difficult and frustrating scenarios which can knock you back, but Philippa and Emma have taught me over the years how to handle those tricky moments confidently and effectively. They have both been excellent role models to me and I can’t thank them enough!


What has been the biggest change you’ve noticed in your approach since you began recruitment?

Thinking outside of the box and not letting any knockback demotivate you. Sometimes things don’t go the way you originally planned or hoped for but you can’t let the process end there and let it defeat you.


What characteristics make a good recruiter into a great recruiter?

Making sure we are equally proactive as we are reactive. We have constantly got to be thinking about our candidates’ and clients’ needs and what more can we do for them beyond our current vacancies.


What would be your ideal Saturday?

A Saturday that involves good food and live music.


How do you make sure you continue to learn?

Never stop asking questions and always be open to new ideas!


We also heard from Connie’s management team who have supported her throughout her career:


“I am thrilled and proud to see Connie promoted to Principal Consultant. She has always aimed high throughout her time at Venn Group, pushing herself to reach the next step in her career. Her focus and determination on hitting this milestone has seen her work harder and smarter than ever, whilst setting a strong example to those around her. She is well known in the legal market by her clients and candidates who trust her advice and judgement due to her ability to build genuine connections with her easy-going, likeable and confident personality. She is a highly valued member of the Legal Division and I am excited to see her continue to excel! Well Done Connie!

Philippa Stoate, Senior Manager