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Faye Taylor Promotion

Posted on October 2023

female senior recruitment manager in front of graphic with job title
​Congratulations to Faye Taylor on her promotion to Senior Manager of our Midlands Private Legal teams.
We spoke to Faye about her career with us.


Measuring success as a team

Coming to Venn Group has been a highlight in itself.

I have always had a passion for Law and when my training contract fell through at the eleventh hour, I walked into a recruitment agency looking for a job. That’s where my recruitment career started - recruiting for warehousing and logistics until Venn Group gave me the opportunity to do what I love, both recruitment and legal.

Having worked at another recruitment company for over six years before I came to Venn Group, it really made me appreciate the collaborative way we work here, whether it is supporting each other with searches, liaising with clients or driving each other’s success.

Other highlights have been developing the teams and seeing Consultants progress in their careers.

Danielle has only been here for a little over a year; she came in as a Resourcer, has progressed up to a Consultant, and is on track to reach her fifth billing milestone in a few weeks’ time. Pippa moved over to the Legal team three years ago, and in the time since, her billing figures have been phenomenal. It’s also been fantastic to watch the permanent Legal team grow, it’s gone from one Consultant to a team of four in less than two years. That’s how you measure success; it’s the team that’s around you.


Building successful relationships on trust

If you asked me what makes a great client relationship, I would say: being honest. I’ll never just tell my clients what they want to hear, although sometimes I wish I could! There are many times that I’ll have to say, ‘I’m not going to compromise on giving you any candidate just to make the placement because that isn’t going to be right for your business.’ It’s about going above and beyond to make people aware of their opportunities, but not trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

Personally I think exceptional recruiters are passionate about what they do. To give Pippa as an example, the minute a client comes to her with a role, you can see the excitement, and I still get that after all this time in recruitment too.

Take an interest in the candidates and clients you work with – that’s the best piece of advice I can ever give anyone. I love that I now have relationships with clients where I know their business inside out and that they will come to me exclusively because of this. There’s nothing better than knowing that a client trusts you enough with all of their recruitment needs to come to you and only you as an agency.


Leading from the front

Emma Walker was the reason that I left my old job; I wasn’t looking to move at the time, but I bought into her through and through. What I respect her for the most is that not only is she a fantastic Director (and she does a-thousand-and-one things!) but she’s also remained one of the top billers across the business.

I knew from the moment I went into management that I wanted to do the same thing and support my team by leading from the front. I would advise those just starting management to remember that if you love this job, you will still want to be on the phones, developing client relationships, because that’s what’s going to build your team’s success. My team are the reason why I love my job – I wouldn’t be here today without them.

I could never have accomplished everything that I have over the last six years without the invaluable work that Nora does behind the scenes, the payments she puts through for candidates and all of her knowledge that I rely on. She is worth her weight in gold and our team couldn’t do what we do without her and the team in payroll. The same goes for Chae and others on our IT team who are always on hand to help.

Rob McLeod is so insightful and driven about how he wants to take our teams to the next step and is passionate about continuing our success. I have a two-year plan that I’m working towards, and I’m so excited about what it’s going to bring for the team.

We also heard from Faye’s management team who have supported her throughout her career:


‘Faye has been the pillar of the private sector legal team in Birmingham for the last 6 years. She has made an exceptional contribution to the locum team, initially as a high billing consultant, then as a Manager of the locum team from 2021. Faye did not stop here, but continued to develop a successful team around her, building up the reputation of Venn Group as a key supplier of locum legal staff across the Midlands region. More recently, Faye has also played a key role in developing our new permanent offering which is going from strength to strength.

Anyone who has worked with Faye will know how much she cares about everyone she works with, always going above and beyond to support her teams, as well as delivering an exceptional service to her candidates and clients. She works incredibly hard, is passionate about her market, dedicated to her role and an absolute pleasure to work with. We are very pleased to promote Faye and she will be an excellent addition to the Senior Management team.’

Robert McLeod, Director