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HETT Show Review | Renay Demoore

Posted on October 2023

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Renay Demoore, Manager of our Healthcare Technology team, reflects on the recent HETT Show and the latest developments in the NHS and Digital Healthcare sector.

Having recently attended the HETT Show at the ExCeL in London, our Healthcare Technology teams had the pleasure of reconnecting with our partners across NHS and healthcare organisations, with a greater representation of technology providers present than in previous years. The event also featured speakers who were able to share their insights from the forefront of the digital space.

Throughout the two days, we heard from a number of clinicians, several of whom were over thirty years into their career, about the recent developments they’ve witnessed. One of the most frequent topics which came up was the digitalisation of patient records and the positive impact this has had on increasing the time afforded to provide care. However, these tangible benefits are also accompanied by the potential threats to cyber security, and Patrick Maw (Medical Device Integration and Cyber Security specialist at UCLH) spoke on how to lower the risks of implementing newer systems and ensure that both cyber specialists and the wider workforce are appropriately informed on digital safety.

Data and analytics transformation has a significant predictive element, and Adam Whiting (Deputy CIO of Essex Partnership) explained how their partnership have driven strategy in their workforce planning by using their staffing data to predict areas of greatest demand. Alongside this, Trusts can identify potential health risks through population health analytics; taking into account both staffing and healthcare predictions, providers will be able simulate the impact of interventions.

With the incredible benefits brought about by digital transformation, the priority is to increase data literacy among staff through effective learning programs which will enable all healthcare professionals to make data-driven, informed decisions. It’s also little surprise that many healthcare professionals are looking to transition into technology roles, and we spoke to several clinicians about how they could capitalise on their experience using current systems and their involvement in past projects to make that move into the digital space.

The limited resources in the NHS is not a new phenomenon and it’s unlikely to change drastically in the near future; ultimately a focus throughout the event in both seminars and conversations was how the available technology can be used to evolve care within those limitations. There are numerous digital developments beyond those already mentioned – such as virtual wards or AI-assisted scans – and with each of these advances is the need to focus not simply on being digitally mature, but rather to be clear about the measurable outcomes and providing the most high-quality and efficient healthcare with what is available.

It's an exciting space to be in, having supported more than 200 NHS bodies in 2022. With the fast pace at which the available technology increases, I’m excited to return to the HETT Show next year to hear first-hand the latest development which will transform the way providers can deliver their healthcare.

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