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Case Study | Finance & Accountancy Recruitment - Selecta

Posted on November 2023

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Dependable, rapid and accurate response

Selecta, one of Europe’s leading innovative food and drink solutions providers, required rapid and accurate support to fulfil the permanent roles of Billing Lead Assistant and Billing Assistant. Our client, having been recently promoted to Billing Manager, was replacing her role and that of a team member, so her ability to perform her new role was dependent on the successful recruitment of these positions.

Priorities supported:

  • Retain a consultancy that could run two campaigns at pace, securing a highly experienced and autonomous Billing Lead to step into the role and immediately add value, and a billing assistant who would fit seamlessly into their high-performing team

  • Work in partnership with a consultancy they could trust to deliver

  • Ensure minimum disruption to the department in time and performance

Experience applied

  • Through our team structure, we were able to search the roles concurrently and respond with CVs or recommendations for both within 24 hours

  • Immediately recognising a fit for the Billing Lead Assistant role, we introduced our client to one of our interims who was completing a highly successful contract, knowing that if the client acted quickly they would be able to secure their services before his CV even hit the open market

  • Searching for the Billing Assistant on a skills basis, our final shortlist was then chosen by our account lead who had working knowledge of the team dynamic and could accurately identify team fit

  • Having worked with Selecta for six years, we were trusted exclusively to bring the quality required at pace

Outcomes achieved:

  • Facilitated the handover period and notice of our placed Billing Lead Assistant candidate to ensure their current employer was satisfied with the performance and conclusion of the contract, allowing our recommendation to be in place within a week of requisition

  • Our shortlist of three for the Billing Assistant role were all invited to interview and the successful candidate was retained within 24 hours

  • Responding accurately and at pace to our client’s needs meant that their team was only at lower capacity for one week

Excellent as always, super helpful with any questions and know exactly what I need.”

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