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Women in Games Ambassador - James Walker

Posted on April 2024

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Congratulations to James Walker, who has been accepted into the Ambassador's Programme for Women in Games. James specializes in tech recruitment and throughout his career has focused on and championed the need for equality in this sector. This next step in his advocacy continues his ongoing dedication to creating change within his sphere of influence.

Women in Games is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2009 when women comprised only 6% of the Games Industry workforce. They are inspired by and celebrate the amazing work being done by many across the sector while also highlighting the fact that the games industry remains the most gender-imbalanced of all creative industries.

Their Ambassador Programme is global and exists to build a powerful and diverse community of individuals aligned and committed to achieving the vision and mission of Women in Games through meaningful collaboration and initiatives. We congratulate James on his award and look forward to creating events and initiatives to communicate and raise awareness of the Women in Tech mission.

Following his acceptance James said, "I am honoured to be named a Women in Games Ambassador alongside others trying to make a difference in the Games industry, cannot wait to see what we can achieve!"

Please contact James to discuss Women in Games or how to promote parity in your tech recruitment efforts.

James Walker | 020 7557 7667 |