Sponsoring charity awards

Charity Award Sponsorship

We had the pleasure of sponsoring the Trailblazer Award 2019, won by Tara O’Reilly. Through hard work and perseverance, she has achieved great things in not one, but two male dominated industries; law and politics.

Tara was made homeless three times and didn’t have the opportunity to go to university like many teenagers. However, she was always determined to succeed and taught herself A-levels whilst working full time in a Mexican food truck.

Having previously worked for Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan on his election, and having attended the World Youth Forum, she now has a full-time job in Parliament leading on areas including policy, political advice, digital. She is balancing this alongside studying her law degree part time as a mature student.

Not satisfied with trailblazing merely for herself, she takes pride in sharing her skills and experiences with other young women. She has volunteered abroad, helped people set up their own portfolio websites and is a trustee for a human rights charity.

Tara has previously used the services of the Young Women’s Trust, and is a brilliant example of the life changing effects the charity can have on women.