Justin Paton

Justin Paton

Head of IT


I joined Venn Group in January 2018 to assist with some IT projects. I was initially here for 3 months, but I was offered several extensions and eventually a permanent position. I’ve really valued the people I work with; Paul and Keith have been very helpful over the years and have mentored me through to the Senior Manager position I’m now in.

I did motor mechanics and technical drawing in school. Motor mechanics was really helpful because if you had a broken engine you had to figure out where it went wrong; get the engine out, clean the pistons, and find the problem. Having that frame of mind is how you would think through an issue in IT; reverse engineer it to get back to the source of the problem.

The motivation for my work is naturally there because it’s something that makes me happy. Figuring out a problem and then solving it is like a euphoric moment. I’ve never had a dull day!