Robert McLeod

Robert McLeod



To be honest I surprised myself in 2001 when I joined Venn Group as I had no desire to work in a startup or a contract consultancy! Fortunately, on meeting our CEO I changed my mind. She explained to me her vision for the business, showing a clear desire to do something different in a collaborative way with a promise of development, progression and reward.

Nearly 20 years later this decision has been vindicated many times over and we have all had many valuable experiences, challenges and achievements in that time.  

Right now I am responsible for four key business areas across London that are each in different stages of growth and which all present different challenges for all of us who work in them.

Central Government - This new division is one of the most exciting I have ever been involved in. Working in partnership with government departments to deliver lasting change and transformation is a great opportunity to show the true value of the service that we can offer.

Financial Services - a division close to my heart having been a consultant and manager in this area earlier in my career. This sector has shown a remarkable amount of change over the last 10 years and this year we are delighted to be offering Technology specialist placements alongside our already established Compliance, Risk, Accounting and Project areas.

Legal - Our Legal division is also a market leader and continues to grow and extend its reach across Private Practice, In-House and the Public Sector. With such a diverse client base the specialisms required across each business area are very different and require constant learning and development.  

Local Government - Our Local Government division is currently a market leading interim provider that we are proud to be developing across multiple business areas. The challenge in such an ever changing sector is to keep this offering relevant and to maintain our reputation of delivery.

At home, and away from Venn, I am happy to have my family to keep me busy. I am also normally training for some event I am unqualified for so when I can, I put on the trainers and headphones. Any podcast that tells me that Tottenham aren’t as bad as I think they are or that my slice off the tee is solvable normally cheers me up.