Mentoring university students

Birbeck mentoring scheme

Mentoring university students

After discussions with Birkbeck, University of London around our Empowering Employment initiative, we were invited to become a corporate partner for the mentoring scheme. This was an easy step for Venn Group as the scheme was an evolution from our initiative. Many of our employees embarked on their mentoring session within the last month and have already found it rewarding. As recruitment consultants, it is easy to forget how instrumental our help would be. Here are what some of Venn’s employees have to say about starting the mentoring program.

“Mentoring a student at Birkbeck has given me the opportunity to use my skills to guide someone through their final year of study. The students have access to a lot of academic support, but what we offer is something entirely different. I am helping my mentee with training contract applications, interview skills, and ultimately assisting her to grow in confidence. I am looking forward to seeing how my mentee develops throughout the course of the year.”

Jade Gorrod, Manager

“It’s a privilege to be matched with a Birkbeck student and support their progression. I had anticipated that my mentee would be looking primarily for careers advice and direction but have been pleasantly surprised that their objectives runs much deeper. We are already tackling some very complex personal growth-related subjects and our partnership is proving to be a really positive one.”

Rula Tripolitaki, Senior Manager

“To be in a position to work so closely with someone who has truly prioritised the meaning of personal development later in life is not only engaging but motivational and refreshing. This is a real opportunity for both mentor and mentee to learn and develop in the process, with a goal of achieving our own definition of success.

Jennifer Brook, Senior Manager

“At Birkbeck the majority of graduates are working, mature students who are keen to upskill and progress. I am delighted to have been partnered with my mentee who is an engaging individual, with so much potential. Helping her juggle her future career, with university work and family commitments is very rewarding and hopefully gives her a sounding board for her career. On my side the opportunity to spend time with such a positive individual who is open to advice and development helps me focus on key points and provide clarity with what matters to her. This obviously helps me with my day job too.”

Rob McLeod, Director