Charit Partnerships

Charity partnerships

Charity Partnerships

Along with our national annual charity, each business area selects a local organisation to partner with for fundraising. This enables us to importantly have an impact in our own communities.

Venn Group Director, Robert Bowyer with the support of his unit selected the Wooden Spoon charity, which is the children’s charity of rugby. They fund life-changing projects that support children and young people with disabilities or living in disadvantage. 

“When I reviewed our division charity partner for 2020, I made the decision to move my personal support to one of a corporate nature, with the aim to raise greater amounts and support some of the wonderful projects the Spoon undertakes.

"The spoon are a fantastic cohort, they keep fundraising fun and challenging but above all else the money goes to some incredibly deserving cases.”

Robert Bowyer

In 2019 Robert took on the monumental challenge of cycling to Holland and his unit were all set for a 10 km run challenge which has now been postponed to 2021.