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Volunteering Day

volunteering gardening for charity

Giving Back is one of our core values, and our employees are encouraged to use two volunteering days each year to support a cause that is close to their hearts through fundraising or getting stuck in with the work of the organisation.

A team of volunteers recently joined the St Mungo’s Putting Down Roots programme to beautify and transform a new sensory garden at Snowsfields Primary School.

We heard from Kirby Appiah Asare, Associate Consultant from our London Central Government team, about her experience of the day:​

Having never been part of a volunteer event before, I decided to volunteer at Snowsfields Primary School because I wanted to be involved in something that would bring joy to the children there and where I could see the direct impact of the hard labour I put in.

Snowsfields Primary School supports children from various ethnic backgrounds and those with learning difficulties, ensuring they all get a fair chance at education. I believe their work is incredibly important as they take alternative steps to nurture the minds of young children; the sensory garden is a perfect example of this, as it provides a space for them to both learn about gardening and spend time enjoying the scenery, and children with autism will be the main beneficiaries of this.

On the day, we took part in various activities such as making new garden beds, weeding the area, picking up trash and glass, cutting sticks, shovelling woodchips, making compost bins and watering new plants. This made a huge difference to the appearance of the garden and eliminated any safety hazards to make the space safer for the children.

The event opened my eyes to the huge benefit I can bring to others with just a few hours out of my day. I really hope these kids love the work we did and that I will get a chance to do something like this again!