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Young Women's Trust Partnership

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Our journey with Young Women’s Trust started in 2017 when we began supporting their CV feedback service by providing our expertise in this area. Seeing the impact of our advice and the need for employability skills, we developed a programme of webinars that would offer accessible and targeted help for women. The charity reached out to their patrons to find out where we could be of the most assistance and, three years on, these webinars still run and continue to evolve with the changing employment market.

Seeing first-hand the impact our specialist insight had led us to devise a similar service which we could provide to add value as an employment specialist to our clients. From here our successful Empowering Employment initiative was born, and it has been our privilege to work with councils, schools, higher education and various charities across the country.

We are proud to support Young Women’s Trust in building a better future for women who are living on little or no pay, and are delighted to be continuing our partnership in 2023; our service can make a greater difference than ever during the current cost of living crisis. 103 women attended our seminars in 2022, and we look forward to providing further support throughout this year.

We also thank Young Women’s Trust for the integral part they played in shaping our empowering employment programme.

‘We are delighted to be partnering with Venn Group for another year. As our longest-standing partner, Venn Group have made a tremendous impact over the years through their fundraising, donating and volunteering. Their team’s recruitment skills are invaluable and their time and expertise has helped hundreds of young women through webinars and CV feedback. Thank you to Venn Group for your renewed commitment!’

Claire Reindorp | Chief Executive Officer, Young Women’s Trust

‘I have been volunteering for the CV Feedback Service at Young Women’s Trust since 2017 and it has been an absolute pleasure to support this fantastic cause. Many women do not have easy access to any advice on their CV, so being able to use my skills as a recruiter to help move their applications in the right direction and improve their confidence is very important to me. It is also wonderful when I receive updates from the young women that re-working their CV has helped them get an interview or secure a new job! I am excited to see the difference that the YWT makes in 2023 in improving women’s lives and I can’t wait to be a part of it.’

Jade Gorrod | Manager, Venn Group