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Emma Walker

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I was not long out of university when I started my first ‘proper job’ with Venn Group in 2005. You don’t always know what to expect in a new role, and you’re not always sure how good you are going to be at it! I knew I had a lot to learn, and it took a few months before I really started to think: I can do this.

I had been working on the Midlands Finance team for three years when I was then asked to set up a legal division for the office. It was hard to move on from my place on the Finance team. I was doing really well and loved my job, but taking that step was a great decision as we ultimately grew four legal teams across the Midlands and South-West that are all doing really well and which I’m extremely proud of.

When I first joined Venn Group, my manager and team did things a bit differently to me, and I had to demonstrate that my approach worked best for me. Now as a manager I am very aware it’s not about teaching someone a style, but letting them use the style they already have and making it work for them. I have also learned the importance of motivation and giving everybody something to aim for, because you get the best from people if they enjoy their job and are working towards a goal. That’s something we do really well at Venn Group and we have seen incredible growth as a result.

Success for me goes beyond measuring our billing milestones; if I’m still motivated and enjoying my job, and if I’m still growing and developing, that demonstrates success. If I then see that same thing around me – if my teams are happy, motivated, and developing – that shows I’ve had success as a leader. This often means helping people meet their targets on Pathways & Milestones and achieving promotions into management; I want to make sure everyone gets to where they want to be if they are willing to put in the work.

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my business unit in this next step as Director. I set up a Local Government team in 2020 which is doing extremely well. I’m hoping to divide that into further teams which will in turn provide further opportunities as they grow. I also want to continue to expand the Legal Division across the private and the public sectors. I am fortunate to work for a fantastic company and have an excellent team around me, who I am incredibly proud of for their dedication, great work ethic and achievements. As things continue to develop, I’m excited to be part of the next chapter.