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Fabian Liladhar

Recruitment manager smiles at camera talking about internal promotion opportunities

I joined Venn Group over ten years ago when I had just finished university and was looking for some independence and stability. I hadn’t heard of recruitment before, but a friend spoke to me about a position at Venn Group and I realised that the training meant there were great prospects for someone like me with no previous experience. This was confirmed when I started; the company really invested in me for the long term as I wasn’t expected to hit the ground running, but was taught to build up the skills I needed and get to grips with what the job involved.

I particularly enjoy the fast-paced nature of recruitment, there’s always something meaningful to be doing, so I’m never sat around twiddling my thumbs. It’s also satisfying to be helping people with their careers; getting a new job is important, and we’re supporting people in their livelihood and encouraging them to reach their goals.

One of the things that kept me here as I started was the team commission. I knew that my success was in the best interest of everyone around me, because the more I start billing the more everyone in my team earns; we’re all in it together. It creates a very nice atmosphere. You might help someone on your team to place a job with one of their clients, and then you get that same help in return, so there’s always someone to support you.

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to progress over the last ten years, starting as an Associate Consultant and now as a Senior Manager. After I’d hit my first few milestones, I received mentoring from my Senior Manager and one of the company’s Directors, and being a Senior Consultant within the team prepares you for some of the leadership skills needed for management. A lot of the progression happened naturally as the Birmingham office grew, and the steps to Manager and Senior Manager were laid out with a clear route and training to reach them.

Throughout the process I’ve been involved in setting up new teams, and it gives me a sense of pride to see them developing and helping people to achieve certain milestones and even reach Manager themselves. It’s been great to see the importance of investing in people from both sides, and that’s one of the things that Venn Group does well.