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Sophie Anderson

Recruiter smiles at camera talking about team dynamic

Working at Venn Group for the last 15 years has been a fantastic experience, characterised through the company's support, collaboration and enjoyment of creating successful outcomes for our clients and candidates.

One of the standout features of Venn Group is the support system in place for employees at all levels. From day one, Consultants are sat on desks with Senior Consultants, Managers and even Directors with a wealth of industry experience between them. As well as the usual on-the-desk training, Venn Group offers unparalleled formal training tailored to either new starters up to one year and beyond. Even Managers and Senior Managers have training opportunities with the Directors and Chief Executive.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Venn Group's values, as we have been a team-based company since our inception in 2001. Working alongside talented individuals from various backgrounds has not only broadened my own horizons but has also led to the creation of dynamic solutions that exceed client expectations. The team-based/collaborative working adopted by Venn Group is second-to-none and ensures that both clients and candidates are always able to get whatever support they need, even when their Lead Consultant is unavailable.

Moreover, the culture of celebrating successes at Venn Group further enhances the overall experience. Whether it's acknowledging individual achievements or commemorating team milestones, there's a shared sense of pride in the collective accomplishments.

Working at Venn Group is not just a job but a fulfilling journey marked by support, collaboration, and the joy of creating successful outcomes for clients and customers. It's a place where individuals are empowered to thrive, teams unite to overcome challenges, and every success is celebrated with enthusiasm. If you're seeking a rewarding career where your efforts truly make a difference, Venn Group is the place to be.