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Training & Development

Manager training a consultant

Central to Venn Group’s success is the training and development of our staff.

Our market-leading training supports accelerated learning through team support, mentorship and our structured Learning and Development training.
Jocy James, Head of Learning and Development, leads our innovative training programmes and is passionate about our unique model that promotes organic growth.

Joining Venn Group in 2004 as a recent Graduate, I didn’t have a background in sales or recruitment, so I thought carefully about the company I would join, ensuring that it could provide me with the training and development to help me succeed and in turn offer me a clear career progression. 18 years later, it is a real privilege to now be in the position I am, being responsible for making sure that we offer the highest quality of training and development from the moment you start with us and continuing with you throughout your career.

If you are considering a career in recruitment, start by thinking about your current skill set. What do you excel at? What motivates you? What type of company culture will enhance these areas and support you to succeed?

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ with recruitment and certainly not at Venn Group. We celebrate a diverse workforce and embrace the different personalities that make our teams so unique. If you enjoy building relationships, utilising your communication skills, are driven by achieving goals and motivated by the financial reward that a career in recruitment provides, then we can offer you exceptional training and development to ensure you succeed.


Our Approach

Operating a blended learning approach at Venn Group ensures that you are always trained and developed by the very best in the business.

70% of your development comes in the form of in-role learning, generated by your own hands-on experiences, problem-solving and practice on the desk, with the ongoing support and guidance of your managers and directors.

You will start to quickly build relationships with your clients and candidates and transfer the skills that you already have onto those partnerships.

20% of your development comes from learning through others by observation and shadowing. This will involve being mentored by senior members of your team as they hold client meetings and interview candidates. You’ll learn through those conversations the skills and techniques they’re implementing to complete that task and start to understand how you can bring this into your own interactions.

Classroom-based, formal training is the final 10%, as you come together with your peers to take part in structured training courses tailored to your development around a topic that will enhance your performance. This provides you with the opportunity to get together with colleagues from other offices to share experiences and develop new techniques.

All our industry-leading training courses are designed and delivered by Venn Group’s in-house training team. Each course offers a combination of practical activities, free thinking, collaboration with peers, presentations, learning films, role plays, and live feedback, all delivered in a well-paced, high-engagement setting.

The combination of these elements will enhance your knowledge base, develop your skill sets and provide you with new techniques, allowing you to implement what you’ve learned quickly and giving you immediate results.

The Consultant Development Programme

Joining Venn Group will see you embark on our innovative Consultant Development Programme, taking you through from your first day to the end of your first year in line with our Pathways and Milestones scheme.

This high-impact programme consists of tailored training courses delivered by our in-house team, dedicated to each of the essential recruiter skills you will need in your first year. From building long-lasting candidate relationships to understanding your clients’ needs, each course is designed to maximise your performance in real time and provides you with the foundations you need for a successful career in recruitment.


Build and Enhance

Following the success of your first year, our next training programmes see you build on and enhance the skills and techniques you have developed in your market. You will be able to select the courses that align with your current development areas to ensure you are continuously building on any gaps in performance and maximising your potential at every opportunity.

Training and development at Venn Group is ongoing and we will continue to support you alongside our Pathways and Milestones scheme, providing you with the tools required to become an established high biller or progress towards a management route.


Continuous Development

Your learning doesn’t end once a training course has finished. As a training team we are regularly in contact with you throughout your career to understand what successes and challenges you are having within your market and look to see how we can support you.

Venn Group’s Performance Appraisal scheme allows for discussions about all aspects of your development and provides an opportunity to establish what training and development you require over the coming months for you to achieve the very best you can.

We’re passionate about training; we understand that central to Venn Group’s success is the training and development of our staff. We recognise that people are highly motivated and achieve their best through continuous, high-quality development, and that is why we stand out in the recruitment industry.