a hand on the first rung of a ladder

Pathways & Milestones

a hand on the first rung of a ladder

Since Venn Group’s beginnings in 2001, we have grown from a small consultancy of five people to a national, multi-office organisation of over 250 consultants. 

In order to achieve this goal, it is pivotal that we remain committed to our valued employees. To retain the incredible talent within the company, and attract high calibre consultants in the making, research was conducted on how best to approach career advancement. After much consultation, a new model for progression, recognition and reward was formed and implemented in 2017; Pathways & Milestones.

Now a familiar concept on the sales floors, this transparent and performance-based route for promotion offers clear thresholds and financial incentives for consultants to aim towards. The model was created to boost career development, with weekly billing milestones that determine progression. Working alongside the existing team commission structure that is integral to Venn Group, it also maximises individual consultants’ earning potential.

Since its implementation, the success of the programme can be evidenced. In the year prior to the programme there were 53 promotions within Venn Group. However, during Pathways & Milestones’ first year this figure more than quadrupled, with 225 promotions for exceptional consultants surpassing the set benchmarks. Figures such as these prove the benefit of this model for Venn Group employees, and are an attractive prospect for any aspiring recruitment consultants. 

From a business perspective, Venn Group is thriving more than ever after the introduction of Pathways and Milestones. This momentum ensures that we will continue to further our reputation as a market leader in the field.