Paying it forward

Community spirit

Annual Charity Partnership

We embed our employment and skills services in every charity organisation we work with. We commit to consistent fundraising across the year, promoting the charity’s mission.

All our staff are given 2 days paid leave each year to use for charitable or volunteer work:

  • A total of 372 staff at Venn Group
  • 2 days paid leave per person
  • Helping over 70 different charities per year

We encourage our employees to utilise their paid charity days to give back in areas that are meaningful to them.

Young Women’s Trust

We work in partnership with YWT, a charity that supports women who are struggling to live on low or no pay. We provide 450 hours a year by providing a CV service. Each week we thoroughly review and provide valuable feedback on CV’s, job applications and covering letters, free of charge.

Empowering Employment Initiative

This initiative was created to provide further support to stakeholders, whose objectives are to enhance the employability of young people.

We provide the below forms of engagement:

CV Feedback

Day in, day out, our consultants provide feedback on candidate CVs. Therefore, we are well placed to offer advice. This can be done through in-situ visits to your location, during which we offer written advice on CVs, covering letters and applications.


Interview Workshops

Many young people may not have attended a professional interview before, so in order to ensure they have practical experience, we can send Venn Group representatives to run workshops.


Careers Advice

We regularly attend careers and jobs fairs, not only to discuss the potential opportunities in recruitment, but also to provide specialist insight into applying for jobs in the industries and sectors we support.


Our senior team embark on programmes with individual to advise and guide them through the transition from education to work.